Probing Society

It’s a man’s world, isn’t it?


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Why can’t I be heard?
Why do I have to shrink myself?
Why do I have to play second fiddle? Why do I have to be judged based on my gender?

The other day, a “well meaning” aunt called me aside,
She advised that I shouldn’t be “too anything”…
Don’t be too outspoken,
Don’t be too opinionated,
Don’t get too ambitious,
Don’t get too rich,
Just don’t or you’ll scare them away!!

There was this time I tried to confide in you;
I told you about that guy…
The one who tried to take advantage of me.
Remember what you told me?
“I told you that dress shows off your curves. You shouldn’t have worn it to see him!”

Why do you always try to blame me?
Why do you always find a way to point accusing fingers at me?
Even when I’m clearly the victim.

Look at my friend, Ada
I told you I had to visit her at the hospital,
Her husband beat the living daylight out of her,
Do you remember what you said?
“She talks too much. I’m sure she must have pushed the poor guy to the wall this time”

Why do my folks focus too much on me?
My curfew is 7:30pm,
My kid brother isn’t back from the game center yet
Check your clock, it’s 10:30 pm, isn’t it?

Why are the shouts of “hallelujah” always louder when someone testifies of the birth of a “bouncing baby boy”?

Why? Just why?


Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Can’t help but wait

Till society shares the energy centered on training up the girl child between she and her brother.

Till society realizes that we shouldn’t only give girls tips on how to become good wives and mothers.
Boys also need to know how to be good husbands and fathers.

Till society realizes that they shouldn’t teach only the girl to “keep herself” till marriage.
Hold up! What about the boy? Shouldn’t he also “keep himself”?

Till we stop concentrating on “wife submit to your husband.” What about “husband love your wife”? Why do we almost always relegate that to the background?

Till we don’t have to “man up” but “brave out” because strength doesn’t have a gender.

Till we stop shaming men for being  emotionally open.

Till we stop making jokes of boys who tell us they’ve been abused by girls.

Till crying stops being a “girl thing”
And we stop telling our crying little boys such things as…
“Stop being such a girl!!”

Till a girl can walk into a football viewing centre without feeling like an alien.

Till we stop teaching girls to aspire to rich husbands like there is anything wrong with being a rich wife.

Till we stop teaching our girls to expect to be “rescued” by a knight in shiny armour. Why not give her a shiny armour and teach her to defend herself?

I cant help but wait till we see men and women for what they really are… Humans.

From Ekele’s desk