La Mujer


Photo: Pinterest


Photo: Pinterest

Being a woman means being at the receiving end of society(usually negative).
It means getting blamed for virtually everything. “The woman you gave to me made me eat the fruit”.
It means getting blamed for actions against you. Imagine telling someone about a guy that tried to rape you and the first thing the person asks is “what were you wearing?”

Being a woman means being strong-
mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Trust me, you need that strength to be able to give life and nurture it.
Being a woman means the ability to add life to whatever you do.
Being a woman means being strong, yet sensitive.
Being a woman means loving unconditionally.
Being a woman is the best thing you can be.


To the Girls Next Door

“In life, there’ll always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

To the brokenhearted
To the ones that don’t feel good enough
To the ones without the thigh gap
To the ones who find it difficult to slip their way through jeans
To the ones with not-so-straight legs
To the ones that don’t wear a size zero

To the ones who aren’t so lucky in love
The ones who have been in several relationships
Not because they’re “adventurous”
But because they keep trying
Hoping it works out this time
To no avail

To the ones who stay awake at night
Not as a result of insomnia
But because they’re trying hard to figure it all out
Why did he hurt me?
How did it happen?
Did he even love me?
Am I good enough?

To the one going through a phase
With no one to talk to
With no one who understands

To the ones who hide their insecurities
Beneath pounds of makeup

The ones who doubt
The ones who ask themselves
Will I succeed?
Are my dreams feasible?
Will I ever fall in love again?
Will someone ever truly love me?
What if I fail?
What if my dreams are too big?
What if I’m too hurt to love again?

Just keep your head up high
Keep moving
Keep trying
Stay focused

Always remember
You’re good enough
You can make it work
You’re beautiful with or without the makeup
You’re amazing.

And if they don’t see it,
It’s as a result of their myopia
Don’t blame yourself for their impaired vision.

From Ekele’s desk