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“Our,next,impromptu,speaker will beeeee…”

You don start again,talk jo!

Azin,I af tire for am oo!



“Ehn ehn! the wan we dey on top your head,come out jare!”

Fine fine

“So Shereef,we discovered you have been chatting with a lady called phrankelle for days on end now.Who is this lady?”

Who is frank you ask?

“Yea! who is frank?”

Frank is not just a figure among the numbers

Or any flotsam floating atop the waters

She is the funnel,the tunnel,she is the well

She is justice in the flesh,fairness with a circuitry

Frank refuses to be a robot,so you can give your factory-made answers to some blockhead in the corner

Frank is the touch of dew on a petal and the dropping of  a water ball from a fresh green leaf,she is a pillow,a silvery cloud.She is gentle,and subtle

She is the BRT on a lagos road,the surfer against…

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You sure knew
How to make me smile
How to make me laugh
How to make me miss you
How to make me look forward to our next meeting

I tried to fight it
I really did
I tried to protect myself
I was skeptical
I had been in this “place” before
I didn’t want to go back there. Ever!

But you gave me reasons
Reasons to trust you
Reasons to give it a try again

Little by little
You stripped me of my defenses
You broke down my walls
I couldn’t fight it anymore

It’s hard to believe
That you left me hanging
After all we shared
After all the affinity
How connected we were
One with the other
Almost magical!

Now I’m out here

Like a flash of lightening
You were gone
Without a note
Without a word
Oh! You didn’t even have the decency
To give back all you stripped me of

But I won’t shed a tear
Not even a drop
You don’t deserve it
I should have known better
Than let myself be stripped
By someone like you.

Enough said
Time to lay the first brick
I’m rebuilding my walls
But first, l have to put my apparels back on
My garment of self-esteem
My garment of courage
You didn’t cart away with those
You couldn’t
I wasn’t stupid enough to let you.

From Ekele’s desk


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Photo credit: Pinterest

Can’t help but wait

Till society shares the energy centered on training up the girl child between she and her brother.

Till society realizes that we shouldn’t only give girls tips on how to become good wives and mothers.
Boys also need to know how to be good husbands and fathers.

Till society realizes that they shouldn’t teach only the girl to “keep herself” till marriage.
Hold up! What about the boy? Shouldn’t he also “keep himself”?

Till we stop concentrating on “wife submit to your husband.” What about “husband love your wife”? Why do we almost always relegate that to the background?

Till we don’t have to “man up” but “brave out” because strength doesn’t have a gender.

Till we stop shaming men for being  emotionally open.

Till we stop making jokes of boys who tell us they’ve been abused by girls.

Till crying stops being a “girl thing”
And we stop telling our crying little boys such things as…
“Stop being such a girl!!”

Till a girl can walk into a football viewing centre without feeling like an alien.

Till we stop teaching girls to aspire to rich husbands like there is anything wrong with being a rich wife.

Till we stop teaching our girls to expect to be “rescued” by a knight in shiny armour. Why not give her a shiny armour and teach her to defend herself?

I cant help but wait till we see men and women for what they really are… Humans.

From Ekele’s desk

To the Girls Next Door

“In life, there’ll always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

To the brokenhearted
To the ones that don’t feel good enough
To the ones without the thigh gap
To the ones who find it difficult to slip their way through jeans
To the ones with not-so-straight legs
To the ones that don’t wear a size zero

To the ones who aren’t so lucky in love
The ones who have been in several relationships
Not because they’re “adventurous”
But because they keep trying
Hoping it works out this time
To no avail

To the ones who stay awake at night
Not as a result of insomnia
But because they’re trying hard to figure it all out
Why did he hurt me?
How did it happen?
Did he even love me?
Am I good enough?

To the one going through a phase
With no one to talk to
With no one who understands

To the ones who hide their insecurities
Beneath pounds of makeup

The ones who doubt
The ones who ask themselves
Will I succeed?
Are my dreams feasible?
Will I ever fall in love again?
Will someone ever truly love me?
What if I fail?
What if my dreams are too big?
What if I’m too hurt to love again?

Just keep your head up high
Keep moving
Keep trying
Stay focused

Always remember
You’re good enough
You can make it work
You’re beautiful with or without the makeup
You’re amazing.

And if they don’t see it,
It’s as a result of their myopia
Don’t blame yourself for their impaired vision.

From Ekele’s desk



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Black, white, colored
Latino, Asian, African
European, African-American,
Nigerian, Ghanaian, Brazilian
Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa….
Enough already!!!
Aren’t we all human?

We’re born human
Then doctors stamp our first label on us
Male child, female child
Let the stereotypes begin!!
Pink for girls, blue for boys

Society lurks around
With ready categories
To impress on us.
Tall, short,
Fat, skinny
Athletic, curvy, chubby
Straight, homosexual, lesbian
Rich, poor,
Smart, dull
Feminist, chauvinist, sexist
Blind, lame, dumb
Beautiful, ugly
Sexy, unsexy
Addict, alcoholic
Regular-sized, plus-sized
Crazy, smart, retard
It goes on and on and on

Women stay at home,
Men go to work.
Women love to sing and dance,
Men play sports.
Women don’t watch football,
Football is a man’s game.
Women shouldn’t be too ambitious,
Men ought to be ambitious.
Women are the weaker vessels,
Men are strong.
Chill out!!
This is exhausting.

Enough with the fallacies,
Enough with the generalizations.
We’re more than just male or female
Tall or short
Those things don’t define us
They’re just too inadequate.
Enough with the stereotypes
I just want out of this pigeonhole.

Posted by Ekele Oriahi


Yvonne Okoro

Hello everyone…..
How’re you doing today….. And how’s the heat level with you?

I’m not really happy today because a friend of mine lost his father…. And I’ve been thinking about this whole death thing…. I hate to hear about the death of someone… It hurts. I’ve sent my condolence to him… And I hope he’ll be fine….. LIFE HAS GOT TO GO ON….

Today, I want to talk about ‘Ability in Disability’. Before I start writing from my point of view, lets see Wikipedia’s definition of the word ‘Disability’….

“Disability’ is the consequence of an impairment that may
be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional,
developmental, or some combination of these that result
in restrictions on an individual’s ability to participate in
what is considered “normal” in their everyday society. A
disability may be present from birth, or occur during a
person’s lifetime”.

This definition explains better what disability…

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Burn out


Once more into the fray,
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
Live and die on this day.
Live and die on this day.
-John (the grey 2012)

In life,
We fight wolves from the day of conception
We struggle to gain form
We kick all the way till
We are pushed and sometimes forcefully pulled out into existence

Later on, we push ourselves and we are also pushed
to sit at the right time
to crawl at the right time
to stand at the right time
to walk at the right time
to talk at the right time
to run at the right time

We fight our way to school
We fight our way in school
We fight our way out of school

We fall in love
We fight for love
We fight in love
We fight out of love

We hate
We hate ourselves

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