The Anonymous Cherif

370620cb7b7a53c00ba7cbc3748ab84b PHOTO: Tumblr

There I was at the rendezvous, guilt-ridden for supposedly appearing behind schedule.I looked around and thought to myself “She must have left disappointed in my frustrating absence”,but I ordered a drink anyway and sat at the “red dot” of the restaurant,making myself an obvious target for my MIA date.

I brought along with me my accomplice for escapism which fed me stories of the Louisiana Tract of 1803,the power play of Nappleon,Jefferson and Charles VI of Spain, hoping my fears would fizz out and she would miraculously “show up!”.Half of my heart was buried in the masterful delivery of conspiracist history by Joel Levy while its twin oscillated between the to-leave-or-not-to-leave debate that ensued in my growing social anxiety and bare nervousness.In my uneasiness,I looked around in the way a rotating standing fan peruses its surrounding to find that I was kinda the only one chilling solo at…

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