The Anonymous Cherif

IMG_20160420_065524 PHOTO:Pinterest

“Our,next,impromptu,speaker will beeeee…”

You don start again,talk jo!

Azin,I af tire for am oo!



“Ehn ehn! the wan we dey on top your head,come out jare!”

Fine fine

“So Shereef,we discovered you have been chatting with a lady called phrankelle for days on end now.Who is this lady?”

Who is frank you ask?

“Yea! who is frank?”

Frank is not just a figure among the numbers

Or any flotsam floating atop the waters

She is the funnel,the tunnel,she is the well

She is justice in the flesh,fairness with a circuitry

Frank refuses to be a robot,so you can give your factory-made answers to some blockhead in the corner

Frank is the touch of dew on a petal and the dropping of  a water ball from a fresh green leaf,she is a pillow,a silvery cloud.She is gentle,and subtle

She is the BRT on a lagos road,the surfer against…

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