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You sure knew
How to make me smile
How to make me laugh
How to make me miss you
How to make me look forward to our next meeting

I tried to fight it
I really did
I tried to protect myself
I was skeptical
I had been in this “place” before
I didn’t want to go back there. Ever!

But you gave me reasons
Reasons to trust you
Reasons to give it a try again

Little by little
You stripped me of my defenses
You broke down my walls
I couldn’t fight it anymore

It’s hard to believe
That you left me hanging
After all we shared
After all the affinity
How connected we were
One with the other
Almost magical!

Now I’m out here

Like a flash of lightening
You were gone
Without a note
Without a word
Oh! You didn’t even have the decency
To give back all you stripped me of

But I won’t shed a tear
Not even a drop
You don’t deserve it
I should have known better
Than let myself be stripped
By someone like you.

Enough said
Time to lay the first brick
I’m rebuilding my walls
But first, l have to put my apparels back on
My garment of self-esteem
My garment of courage
You didn’t cart away with those
You couldn’t
I wasn’t stupid enough to let you.

From Ekele’s desk


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