Photo credit: Pinterest


Photo credit: Pinterest 

Black, white, colored
Latino, Asian, African
European, African-American,
Nigerian, Ghanaian, Brazilian
Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa….
Enough already!!!
Aren’t we all human?

We’re born human
Then doctors stamp our first label on us
Male child, female child
Let the stereotypes begin!!
Pink for girls, blue for boys

Society lurks around
With ready categories
To impress on us.
Tall, short,
Fat, skinny
Athletic, curvy, chubby
Straight, homosexual, lesbian
Rich, poor,
Smart, dull
Feminist, chauvinist, sexist
Blind, lame, dumb
Beautiful, ugly
Sexy, unsexy
Addict, alcoholic
Regular-sized, plus-sized
Crazy, smart, retard
It goes on and on and on

Women stay at home,
Men go to work.
Women love to sing and dance,
Men play sports.
Women don’t watch football,
Football is a man’s game.
Women shouldn’t be too ambitious,
Men ought to be ambitious.
Women are the weaker vessels,
Men are strong.
Chill out!!
This is exhausting.

Enough with the fallacies,
Enough with the generalizations.
We’re more than just male or female
Tall or short
Those things don’t define us
They’re just too inadequate.
Enough with the stereotypes
I just want out of this pigeonhole.

Posted by Ekele Oriahi


11 thoughts on “PIGEONHOLES

  1. Oh my God. I loooooooove this piece. Wow Franca you surprise me everyday. Its almost like you were in a pigeon hole yourself, acting out a script written by someone else that is why this writeup comes as a shocker. This is so intellectual. Keep it up.


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