Undue Comeuppance


In the little world in which children
have their existence, whosoever
brings them up, there is nothing so
finely perceived and so finely felt as
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.

I am not one known to follow instructions properly, and that’s not because I hate it, I really do love instructions but I don’t know how to comply fully and that’s not an act of rebellion neither is it an act of flamboyant exuberance. It is just one of those intrinsic things that cannot be understood and besides I am human!! (I can’t be judged because I try, I really do try!).
Long time ago,on a fateful sarturday, mum and dad travelled to the village to visit grandpa (I love gramps) but I decided to stay back with my favourite uncle, Uncle Ben, who was with us because he was on break from the university. Uncle Ben is amazing, he…

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