Without Our Consent


Photo credit: Pinterest


Photo credit: Pinterest

It’s amazing how things happen in life without notifying us first. Without finding out if we are braced up for them or not. Some of the most important things in life happen without our consent. Usually, they run their courses before our distracted minds become aware of them. We breathe, our hearts beat, night turns to day, and we even fall in love without us being deliberately involved in the process.

I’m yet to meet someone whose nostrils seek authorization from them before taking in air. I really wouldn’t know if you know of someone whose heart seeks their go-ahead before beating.

We really should consider day and night. You know, dawn and dusk – how good they are in the art of sneaking in on us. Isn’t it mind-boggling how organized they are? Have you noticed how strikingly similar they are to opponents in a football game? Just as football teams take position at the beginning and middle of a game, so do they take position at the beginning and middle of the day. And that’s just remarkable.

Sometimes, it’s good for us to shut ourselves out of the chaotic world we are in, reflect on the beauty of life and live while we can. You know, just breathe.

Posted by Ekele Oriahi


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