“Come on! Eat, drink ,merry …there is more where that came from” boomed Chief Adetola boisterously and the room fills up with laughter from his gregarious friends. The party was in full swing as everyone celebrates with Chief’s wife, Adanna, who is celebrating her 40th birthday.
Adanna is the apple of Chief Adetola’s eye, an epitome of beauty, the music that calms him,in all she is everything to him. Adanna dances with careful abandon (impossible, you think?) Cause she is so happy to be celebrating another year.
Adanna makes it her duty to taste all the wine provided for the party….once Chief realises that his wife is going to turn her birthday party to a wine tasting ceremony, he takes the flute from her and guides her to a chair. Adanna starts yelling at the top of her voice “Peter! Peter!! Peter!!!” Just like a toy that has being wound…

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