What we had… That friendship, that bond, that chemistry. It was awesome while it lasted. I felt loved. I hope you felt the same. We happened to be a time bomb. Suddenly, you wouldn’t talk to me anymore. You stopped replying to my messages. You became cold and rude towards me. I asked what the problem was. I wanted to know where I went wrong(apart from caring about you). You wouldn’t budge. You didn’t respect me enough to talk things out with me. I texted, I called, I explained, I asked, I assumed, I even cried. All to no avail. Your mind is made up.

Now, I just need to take responsibility for my mistake. Yes, it was a mistake to have let you get that close. But I have to forgive myself for being so silly to the point of falling for your acts. And of course, I have to move on. I’m moving on and going back to who I really am. I’ll soon be done missing you.



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