In life, you meet certain people and you’re grateful you did. You meet some others and you wish you could go back to the first day your paths crossed and do things differently- look away, walk faster, ignore them, anything to prevent you from meeting them at all.

But the truth is, people who walk into your life play a major role in your development. There are some people that walk into your life and are there to go through life with you but there are others who are only there for a while and then they leave. Some of them leave because their part in your story has come to an end, some leave because life happened and you grew apart. Whatever the case, always make the best out of every relationship you are in. Don’t make things all about you. Don’t act as if you were the protagonist of a Hollywood movie because the world does not revolve around you. As a matter of fact, life isn’t a movie. Everyone is fighting their own battle.



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